Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Call Sheet / Kwikset

Actor/Comedian John Little 3/29/11

Spent the last few days putting together the pieces for a great humor driven campaign for Kwikset. Working with creatives John Vitro, Elliot Allen, Kevin Cimo of VITRO and the production company of 13 Keys, the talent and crew were a joy to discover and collaborate with. As the day evolved I shot some portraits of the team. Enjoy.

Prop Manager Spencer Vrooman 3/29/11


Bloodhound Hunter, 3/29/11

Digital Tech Sean MacGillivray, 3/29/11


Assistant Albert Fu, 3/29/11


jennifer said...

I see your son's influence in that first portrait! I'm enjoying this post-project phase in your posts.

Timothy Archibald said...

Oh, total Echolilia prop, good call. It's a neat experience to spend the day with these people, make a photograph with them, and maybe ( hopefully not! ) never see them again. So I wanna have a know?

bird. said...

Oh I'm sure you'll see them again. You've been a busy man so far this year-- don't think it's going to stop!