Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three Words

Jimbo Embry lives in Los Angeles and writes copy in the world of advertising. A friend suggested I show him my Echolilia project to see if he could come up with a phrase that sums things up...something that explains things to people in terms they can grasp. We have common friends, he has seen the project evolve a bit over the years. I send him a note asking for help and responds with this:
Hey Tim-
I thought of a phrase that I believe fits nicely. Its got a dual meaning. One from your perspective and one from your son's. Both with different outcomes. At the same time it seems to be a unifying thread as to why you are taking the pictures and your son is so unique in them:
Sometimes I wonder.
Two perspectives and one relationship from the start.
Let me know your thoughts. I am sure that you will know immediately if these are the right or wrong words and/or sentiment. Please let me know as soon as you do.
Thanks for trusting me with this,

He was right...I did know immediately.
These three words seemed to tie everything together. A sense of wonder and fascination but also a sense of disquiet and concern. Uh-oh....I really wonder if.... And it worked for both my son and myself- both our roles in the project. It was like someone handed me the keys that unlocked the box that held all the secrets to the project. I always like the arty solutions, so I shared it with more practical minds:
Oh that's good. It sounds like Raymond Carver.
This a much better way to get the job done — what creative mind doesn’t wonder/wander?
I read his note to my wife who has always had reservations about the project and she melted: that's it.

It clearly spoke to everyone. Now...we need to figure out how to use this line.


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that is really great. i see it.


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really man, so amazing. is he for hire...