Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Are Gonna Get This Thing Done

Thanks for all your input yesterday.
There is nothing like having a deadline to make yourself get something done. Still don't know how to end this book...or how to deal with the text, if any, but sometimes you need to just decide...


Anonymous said...

Timothy, I like this project, a lot, but shouldn't the title be spelled "echolalia"?

Timothy Archibald said...

Hey there-

Great question. The phrase Echolalia, that refers to this autism thing, this repeating, I had seen spelled both as Echolalia and Echolilia. The popular way is as you spelled it, which I didn't like, because it sounded medical and foreign, like "Diarreha" or something like that.

But "Echoliliia" I immediately liked: it sounded like the name of a flower ( a lily ) and the obvious audio repetition ( echo ), and I just immediately loved it for this project. Copying scans, copying behavior, me copying him with my camera, all of those things. Few people knew what the word meant, so hopefully the project could define it.

Oh...of course, I knew as this unfolded, that a Google search of of the more unpopular spelling "Echolilia" would lead people to my project....:)


Limited Sight Distance said...

I figured it was something like that, that there was another layer, and I'm sure you've had many other people point out the same thing. Funny, I've been watching the progression of the series and this was the first time the title seemed off. Good luck.