Monday, April 27, 2009

Chair Accident Polaroid

Don't wanna get seduced by a nice looking polaroid, all ephemeral and soft.. but it's hard not to.


Russell Kaye said...

TA- your right again - nicely seductive. I often comb back through my 55 and 665's - I never coated them (or hardly ever) as they often get even more seductive as they fade.

Jeff Singer said...

I'm coming to terms with the the end of Polaroid with a series I'm calling "Last Polaroid":

I've got a fridge full of 669 and 664. Hopefully it will keep for a while past its April expiry date.

I have a couple boxes of 55 that I'm saving for something special... but I can't wait too much longer since its already expired.


Anonymous said...

Slowly the chemical intoxicant of photography recedes. Pioneering photographers who succumbed from inhaling the its deadly concoctions may differ, but many consider it a loss. It remains with photographers of a certain age that photography and smell were intertwined. For those invested in instant image gratification the smell of a Polaroid was the olfactory signal of the portable darkroom. Those who carelessly handled its curved surface soon came to wear it's slippery snot. Moving the image into electronic realms has resulted in the loss of one of the human senses--smell.

Darrell Eager said...

The chair makes it looked posed to me.
Unlike the others, even though posed looked like an awkward natural.

Timothy Archibald said...


I hear ya on that. I don't know how to make it look less set up though. Any ideas? I wanted to re-create a situation where he fell off his chair, which just had happened, but it happened in another room.

Darrell Eager said...

I think its the angle.