Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Shopping

Juliana Beasley, author of Lapdancer is offering prints from her current project "Last Stop: Rockaway Park". Get some killer prints for yourself and your collector friends HERE.

Jonathan Saunders drops the emo bomb and publishes Stories # 3, a touchable version of stories excerpted from his blog "I Like To Tell Stories" just in time for the holidays. Saunders' art gives new meaning to the term "Personal Work". Spend your money wisely and try not to blush: it looks like this issue is packed with the best of the best of his creations. Buy it for ten bucks HERE.

What about my book? Why can't I get in on this sell-a -thon?

Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews by Timothy Archibald, published by Process.

Hilarious, mind-blowing and weirdly inspirational, Sex Machines lifts the garage door on a secret world of suburban lust. If Popular Mechanics had done an Alfred Kinsey issue, it might have looked like this. Destined to be a classic.— Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight.
Hardcover editions signed by the author, $25 + s&h. Drop an email to and order it direct.

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ingalbraith said...

Saunders' work is great...i looked through his pdf offering and plan on purchasing...i found him through you about six months thanks.