Friday, December 5, 2008

Seven Birthday Candles

Seven Birthday Candles, 2008


Unknown said...

Does this image ultimately come down to prop styling? From an aesthetic perspective, the irregular edge of the paper towel makes it interesting to me, combined with the 1-3-2-1. Is this a special code, TA?

Or maybe I'm just sensitive because I spent a couple of hours at PhotoMiami yesterday. If anyone was wondering, the far and away best thing was seeing 6 Hendrik Kerstens BIG prints together.

Regardless, thanks for your response to Andrew's bit about the review... fresh air indeed.

Timothy Archibald said...

Yah, I think all this stuff looks like its in code, but nobody has the key to figure it out, thus is sometimes seems thought provoking or something.

Glad AH embraced that note about the review, but it failed to start a revolution!

Thanks for chiming in here tho, John.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I think the revolution smolderd because of the chatter over on Strobist, Jarvis and Laforet on working for free

Anonymous said...

They said they'd do one job for free, and that everyone should do one job for free. That doesn't mean revolution. It's simply telling everyone to get off their high horses ("Me, work for free?! What?!") and do a shoot that doesn't have monetary backing. Do something for the love of being a photographer. It's sad, but we should be trying to attain this level on a day to day. Dig deep down and look for the reason we all started taking pictures in the first place. I think it's a good exercise in positivity...

or something.


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