Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We Rigged A Strobe In The Roof

L-R: Olivia, Jon Olsson, and Jonathan of Jon Olsson Video Blog

We got the opportunity to shoot Superstar Free Skier Jon Olsson this past weekend for Outside Magazine. What to do? Olsson is a Swedish God incarnate, we knew he'd look great in every shot just by breathing, but the space we were shooting him in was just a bit challenging....and we are so into natural light and reflectors and the simple zen of picture making these days. Ahh....I just don't know what to do.

Trapeze Artist Chris Johnston rigging our light

Poling and Archibald got in on Saturday to try to figure it all out. We are kinda low tech by nature...even these complex photo illustrations we do are all pretty low tech. Today we geek out and do the following: take a Quantum wedding photographer strobe, attach it to an elbow, stick that on a c-stand nuckle, attach that to a large C clamp. Tape a radio slave onto the strobe, set it on " M", and attach the turbo battery to the unit with a fabric loop. Wrap it all in tape. Tie it to a rope and hand it to Trapeze Artist Chris Johnston who pulls it up on the rope as if he were ascending half dome. He clamps it in place. Is this gonna work? Yes! But the light is too harsh, bad shadows everywhere. Poling has him mount a white vinyl control panel 3 feet in front of the strobe. He tapes it to a beam in the ceiling. It works. The gods of photo geekdom have smiled. Still gotta make the shot the next day though. Olsson and crew arrive on Sunday, a gracious swedish mythological figure and his posse.

Olsson has a popular video blog and the next morning, boom, there was our shoot to re-live.
See it HERE.

Johnston and Poling aligning the scrim as we test the strobe


Anonymous said...

Oh sorry. I didn't realize I was at the chase jarvis/stobist blog.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Anonyn-
Was this post disappointing to you?
Let me know, I can take it.


Anonymous said...

Ok. Let me get this straight. You put a light on a pole and triggered it with a remote and then wrote about it in great detail. We would rather watch videos of chase jarvis explaining how he ties his shoes or jackanory's tales of lost luggage. Either cockrock like a man or shoot those cool snaps of your son but you can't do both.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Anony-

I respect where you are coming from, but really, for me, rigging a strobe up in the roof and setting it off remotely was a big deal and had a sense of discovery when it really worked. So...sorry to disappoint, but stay tuned, more to come.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you should be sorry to disappoint, Timothy.

People who leave stupid, anonymous comments like that aren't really people you need to care or worry about.

You're doing your thing and they are probably doing nothing.

Do and write what you want. If people are bored or put off by it, well, there are a bunch of other blogs they can go and lurk.

Constructive feedback is the most valued, but this person put their comment in a bitter, mean-spirited way. I'd hate to be thay guy/gal.

Keep going.

Anonymous said...

Tony (if that is your real name)

You really need to grow a pair. Just because you are up there in America's Hat doesn't mean you can bring your B-game down here . Archibald was phoning it in and I called him on it.

Timothy Archibald said...

Dudes, chill. I will admit it was not the best post I have ever done, but it was a busy week and I needed to:

1. Rig a light in the roof

2. Shoot that Hunters Point story

as well as do a bunch of other things. I will try to post more picture of pills and weird picture of my kids to satisfy all of you readers out there in the week ahead.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

anonymous (if that is your real nam)

You really need to grow a pair. Just because you called someone out from internet anonymity doesn't mean you're a tough guy. You're a sad sack of scrot and I just called you on it.