Monday, April 14, 2008

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Gerrit fokkema said...

Hi Tim,

Just wondering if you would have done the jogger thing differently if it wasn't going to be feature in "shoot the blog"



Timothy Archibald said...

Hi GF-
Oh...good question. What do you would I have had such a big crew? I did want to do something fun and interesting on the day they were profiling me, and I liked the idea that it could have failed, and then would have made an interesting story. My original plan for the shoot was to have a giant box built for the talent to interact with, but it was not cost effective ( $4500, for the box alone), so really this was a last ditch attempt to save the project and not leave the magazine feeling furious with me. You know what that is like?

Gerrit fokkema said...

Hi Tim,
yes, the need to make it interesting for the profile and to depart from your normal approach, launch into uncharted territory in a highly visible way.....and yes I do know what happens if you don't meet expectations (especially if you set them), they never call again and probably inform all their colleagues of your's happened to me a number of times and Sydney is a really small town.
I now try to turn down jobs that have that whiff of disaster about them.Digital has certainly made doing the impossible more do-able.

Timothy Archibald said...

I understand. I still try to duck potentially disasterous shoots. This was interesting though, because I think I learned something: my way was always analogue, I felt I needed the giant prop to be made. The magazine pushed me to come up with a cheaper solution...and rather than run from the job, I somehow got lucky and figured out that hiring the digital guy would make it work, which really was the obvious path to solve the problem, but I had just been fighting it, due to being stuck in my traditional ways.

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