Friday, April 11, 2008


I am just a guy who went to Med School instead of Film School.
My parents told me I would regret it.
I wished I would have listened.
-Alexandre d’Audiffret

Think the blogosphere is all about photographers promoting themselves? Tired of seeing shots of the motor home and the catering from the last big ad shoot by a photographer, such as myself?
Spend time on the young blog Precarious and see what its all about.

An excerpt:

I always had some difficulties explaining the out of control feeling that a surgeon endures when facing a patient suffering from a ruptured aneurysm. Literally watching the life drains out of his body. The bleeding is audible. Can you hear the sound of your faucet? Now close you eyes and imagine it is the aorta. You have to reach deep, squeeze the mighty vessel with your hands to save a life. Unfortunately the odds are against the patient. I am often surprised how understanding and resolved family members are with this dramatic outcome. They find solace in their religion and reassure me that it was God’s will. I just wish, if God had a plan, he would leave me out of it.


Charles said...

Nice one, thanks.

Just feel like letting you know that I am still enjoying your blog. I am such a passive viewer - I find it difficult to post comments but I do want to react- or at least to let you know that I am interested.

I'm fascinated by the dynamics of photographers such as yourself being so accessible and sharing so much, have to admit that in general blogs/forums etc do not interest me.

I hope I didn't appear as a know-it-all or someone seeking to blow his own trumpet in my previous posts (some time ago).

Alexandre said...

I had to think about that one for a while. How do I thank you for this post without sounding pompous and attempt to remain true to myself. The answer is actually uncannily simple, the relationship with your son you have offered us, the observers, is what has inspired me. As one of the Amy’s (no offend here, I honestly do not remember) declared so eloquently, when you expose yourself people will listen. So I thank you for your inspiration. Well, I can smell the slow roasted lamb and hear the Brunello di Montalcino being opened for tonight’s festivities, it is time to join my loved ones. Wish you were here.
PS: I can not wait to hear what Olivier has to say about this. He has this delightful habit to remind me that I am a melodramatic queen.

Timothy Archibald said...

Charles-Thanks for chiming in and letting me know you are still out there...all good. Alex, you are welcome, of course. This can be a fun community, learning and sharing photo stuff on the blog is cool, but lets remember it really is just pixels on a screen.

Darrell Eager said...

Thank You for the heads up, a definite bookmark page.

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