Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An Art Buyer

Good discussion on Heather Morton's An Art Buyer blog about topics that we wrestle with on this site all the time: raising kids while being a photographer and taboo subject matter in the commercial arena.

Read it HERE and HERE.


Alexandre said...

Well, try being a surgeon and juggling fatherhood. I remember being a fellow not so long ago after my first son’s birth and not seeing him awake for weeks at a time. Now I realized that what defines me is not surgery or my academic career. Of course the problem is that for photographers/artists their work is a representation of their very existence. As we all know, everything has a price, the question is how deep are we willing to go into debt. Let’s remember that at the end it is all about regrets. I have seen it too often. I wish to apologize for this rant, bad day at the office.

Ms Frapcious said...

hey alexandre-
I can't help but notice that life is immensely complex. The art, the family, the personal purpose, the regrets, the faith, the cultural influence; the 10 second moment with a stranger that changes life's direction. I guess we all have snapshots that we focus on but the context that surrounds the snapshots is where all that complexity lies. As far as regrets go- are they really regrets? or just a failure to remember the complexity of the past?

Alexandre said...

Tonight's posts are being unusually therapeutic for me, so I thank you. After a delightfully large amount of Pinot Grigio, my wife reminded me that I use to come home and smell my son's shoe's to grasp some facet of his life I missed. The interesting image that comes to mind is a scene in the film "FUR" where Diane Arbus inhale the air of an air mattress. A scene that touched both my wife and me. Until tonight I did not know why it had such an impact.

Anonymous said...

interesting that, in that vanity fair article about robert frank last month, he commented about his "regrets". certainly, they were about his children, and the lack of time spent with them.

no need for apology about the comment above, it seemed heartfelt and honest.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hey there Alex, Ms. F and Anony:
Glad you all are getting tanked and self acutalizing and all on my blog. No one would ever mistake this for Flickr, and for that I am psyched. Alex, what are you bumming about? You get to pull in the big bucks of a surgeon and still do great photography, and it is great...sounds like a nice balance to me. Ms Frap- thanks for being the conscience of this site. Anony, thanks for doing your thing.
Me? I played pool at a bar and listened to Guns and Roses on the jukebox, and also drank some Bud on tap, so I am happy.
Glad you all are reaching out and contributing!

Alexandre said...

Timothy, I do not want to burden you blog. Have a look at todays post on my blog, it offer some perspectives on yesterday's posts. Have one on me.

Timothy Archibald said...

I did read your post this morning...that was very very intense. It does put things in perspective...greatly. Very powerful stuff.
Are you aware of the book "The Sacred Heart" by photographer/now med student/doctor Max Aguilera Hellwig? Can't read your post and not think of that stellar body of work.
Again, thanks for sharing on this blog.

alexandre said...

Yes I am aware of Max Aguilera's book and it is indeed powerful. Above I was referring to the post I wrote this evening. It is a personal story, but It seem to fit the theme of this thread.


Timothy Archibald said...

Oh...sorry about that confusion. Yah, I just read it and it was a punch in the gut. And also great writing. Y'all should give this post a read, as well as the one before it, and see what it stirs in you:

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Pit Boss said...

I'm wondering if mixing art with commercial interests is sometimes like trying to put barbecue sauce on a peanut butter sandwich. Artists tend to be very creative and hopefully that's what the buyer wants. But in many cases I'm wondering if what the buyer is looking for might be different than what you're painting?

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