Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Susana Raab Sets The Record Straight

photograph by susana raab

Got this note from Susana Raab about the post on her work earlier in the week. You think this is boring? Keep in mind, readers, this is the history of photography you are witnessing:

About the allegedly eaten print, this is the sitch: said dog, one Teddy Roosevelt, was being watched by one Kenneth Harper, web guru emeritus, in Athens, Ohio, whilst owner was making foray into wilds of West Virginia. Said dog, Teddy Roosevelt, spied one Timothy Archibald original print, black and white FIBER no less, of a ventriloquist and his dummy, either propped insouciant and unframed against a wall or lying on the floor.

photograph by timothy archibald

Teddy Roosevelt has a habit garnered from God knows where of burrowing like a little hamster into a pile of newspaper on the floor, and delicious as said print is, T. Ro saw this opportunity as a chance to create a little silver gelatin nest of his own. Owner returned from West Virginia and when confronted with the horrible shreds of truth lying on the floor by angry Kenneth Harper, tried, without success due to apathy of one artiste (initials T.A.), to make amends by purchasing a duplicate of the print. Alas, with the publication of Sex Machines, I'm sure his print prices have skyrocketed, but perhaps for a lesser known work we can work out a deal. At least now Ken can now the truth, that God help me I tried to make it right, I really did.


ken harper said...

Um, I would like to add, the fine art print of was not on the floor(thank you), it was perched on my desk and in the mist of a wild romp with a over sized stuffed banana the said print was dislodged from it's place of honor and mangled by the namesake or our former president. I carried that print for thousands of miles on the back of my motorcycle in a waterproof bag. It could be said that the print had quite a life.

Timothy Archibald said...

Glad Mr. Harper brought that up. I'm fuzzy on the details, but I think Harper did stop by my place during some soul searching cross country motorcycle trip. I do believe that it was pouring the day we got together. I offered to mail him a print. Knowing full well that I'd most likely fail to get to the post office, he insisted on somehow carrying an 11 x 14 Ilford Galerie print on his chopper, or whatever type of motorcycle he was using at the time. I will agree that the image had a longer and more adventuresome life than most of my prints. Is this not a cool story? This is the way the photo gods allow people to cross paths, don't y'all think?

Unknown said...

i completely forgot about that oversized stuffed yellow banana! yes, ken is right, ted had quite the love affair with that overstuffed banana. i was hypothesizing the location of the fiber print "before the fall", back then, ken's interior decorating scheme was very warholian (overstuffed yellow banana) and minimalist (nil furniture not even one Papasan chair). ken - where is the big banana now?

Timothy Archibald said...

Susana, Ken?
I'm all into the fact that this is a big reunion of sorts for both of you, and all your corresponding has made this seem like a "hot blog", at least in the short history of this blog, and I'm all into the gods of photography making us cross paths and all, but this is degenerating into the type of correspondence that would be best handled with a phone call, just between the two of you, don't ya think?