Saturday, August 18, 2007

Photographer : Roger Minick

Photographer Roger Minick made the world safe for photographers like Martin Parr and Bill Owens to do their thing: be weird and funny and honest behind the camera, and let the world appreciate it. No apologies, no explanations needed. I came across this old invitation today tucked in a book from a Roger Minick exhibit in 1997. The beloved Yosemite shot, shown, was shot in 1980. Click on the shot to see it in all it's splendor. If Martin Parr has not admitted to studying that photograph to memorize its inner workings, he certainly should.

Below are two other shots from Minick from 2005. Enjoy.

all photographs by Roger Minick


Unknown said...

thank you for that! i love that scarf and the pre 1990 usage of fill flash. Minick was ahead of his time.

Suzanne G. said...

Gorgeous! I especially like the buffalo