Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tape Application Found in My Kid's Room



This shot above was supposed to be part of a big photographic sentence I was trying to put together, below:

But it works best, sorry to say without it, as a trio, below:

Or as a duo, below:


Siouxfire said...

I liked the big photographic sentence on first reaction, but over time the density and light/dark ratios seem a little uneven. The first 4 seem to gel together followed by the last three in the set.

I'm glad you're sticking to it; it coming out nicely.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Sioux- Thanks for following this and sharing your thoughts. I dunno about the project, though it does have a few nice moments when they occur. I think I need to escape family with photography, rather than engage in I'm still questioning how serious of a pursuit this is. But...sometimes when you give up and don't care you can really open up and accidently make good work, so we'll see what happens.


Siouxfire said...

I hope you stick with it but it might be something that really develops once you've collected enough photos to give yourself some leeway on the vocabulary for your sentences. As for family, I think it's a difficult subject as something that may seem slight to you can take on all kinds of depth to a stranger. Sometimes it's easier to be aloof which is tricky with relations.

And yes, I'm visiting as regularly as I can--the blog itself is coming together nicely as well.