Saturday, June 23, 2007

Photographer : Andrea Ellen Reed

I came across the work of photographer Andrea Ellen Reed when she was an MFA student at The Art Academy in SF in 2006. A month ago I came across her new work and loved it...I really just thought it could not be ignored. I searched her website for a statement, found little and then realized I think I liked it that way: strong work that speaks for itself. And there really is no way to mis-interpret it at this point.

The images here are from her series titled "Sweet Struggle". The entire series and some earlier projects can be seen on her website HERE.

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MACook said...

Andrea Ellen Reed's Sweet Struggle exhibition will be shown in its entirety at the Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA opening October 27 and running through December 2 with an opening reception on November 8 from 6-8 where the artist will be speaking about her work at 7pm. The gallery is located on 105 North Union St. on the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria. The website is

Her work is amazing and the message so important!