Sunday, June 3, 2007

The New Pornography: Core Memory

Wires that look like circulatory systems and plastic cases that resemble primative man. Knots of electronics that form a brain. The only way I can describe it is by calling it The New Pornography: fetish-istic visuals catering to the tastes of Silicon Valley computer geeks. Based on a quick look at the book's Amazon sales ranking, it seems the rest of America has a hunger for these images as well. The book is selling like crazy...

Haunting and oddly anthropomorphic photographs of the wires, knobs, switches and hearts and souls of the computer. There is a quiet tone to these images, like we are witnessing a form of silent modern history. The book is called CORE MEMORY by photographer Mark Richards and it is having an opening exhibition on Monday, June 4th at The Computer History Museum in Palo Alto, CA. Book signing starts @ 6:00 pm.

See a preview of the book and the exhibition HERE.

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