Sunday, April 22, 2007

T Mobile / Publicis West Billboard in NYC

I keep forgetting that the point of this blog was to try to promote my new work and career stuff. I'm easily distracted. It's just too much fun writing about other photographers. Ah, well...

None the less, Hippyhippy Red of Publicis West sent me these shots of the T Mobile "Don't Drop Your Girl" Campaign we shot back in the fall, hanging over a Planet Hollywood in NYC of all places.


Anonymous said...

That's my daughter hanging from that sign. We tease her about her big butt being displayed above Times Square. It was also shown in LA, and a relative just called us today to say it is on display in Houston. Unfortunately since you can't see her face, she only got a couple hundred bucks for the photo shoot. Then they Photo-shopped it like crazy. Hopefully someday her modeling career will take off and she can make some real money.

Timothy Archibald said...

Dear Anonymous-
Thanks for contributing to the blog. Um, I'm the one who paid your daughter a couple hundred bucks for the photo shoot. I think I'm also responsible for directing the retoucher to photo shop it like crazy. Respectfully, I do believe everyone was compensated generously on that photo shoot.



Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm the one HANGING from that sign...and my dad (I'm guessing?? I do only have two parents and THAT sounds like my dad), well, being a dad. I must say, a couple of hundred bucks to hang from a 2x4 for 20 minutes and eat lunch is a pretty smokin' deal...especially for an art student with no real prospects on modeling.
Anyhow, I ended up on your blog in searching for a photo of the billboard since I had yet to see the final product. This photo is HILARIOUS! I had no idea I would be hanging on a billboard in NY. I wondered if it would be at all possible to have a copy of this photo? Or may I just download and print it?
Anyhow, thanks for the fun day and the textbook funds!

Anonymous said...

Not sure who Anika is but I am the one hanging from that billboard, and I have the jeans to prove it since I was wearing my own clothes. It was my mom who made the comment above. And for the record I was generously paid for hanging from a 7 foot board with out support for closer to an hour to do the shoot. I can also attest to the extreme photo shop as my hair is long straight and blonde, must have changed their mind after booking. :)

Anonymous said...

Liar Liar, jeans on fire! Look closer...don't know your own backside? That might have been your mom who made the comment - hence why she thought they photoshopped the crap out of it! They would HAVE to to make it look like my SISTER! Sorry they didn't go with the photos of you...but I was there watching her. AND, funnily enough, she's wearing HER own jeans - which she still has. I suppose it doesn't matter since that billboard no longer exists. Just don't be lame and take credit for something you didn't do - ANONYMOUS!

Anonymous said...

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