Friday, April 11, 2014

Steal Your Face Redux

There always has been this theory that the Grateful Dead created a family around them- the crew, the fans, the band themselves. Survival instinct? Perhaps. Something worked, no one can deny that. Arranging this shoot with Phil Lesh for Rolling Stone was like organizing the family picnic. Professional, yet everyone seemed excited to meet you and help you do your best.

But that's the band, that's the crew, the music. It's that skull and lightening bolt logo..."Steal Your Face" logo I think is what it is referred to as...I never understood that thing.

Standing with Phil Lesh outside a building brandished with a crude version of this icon, we hunted for an explanation.We landed on something like this:

Phil, you'll be gone. Your sons will be long gone, their kids will have passed into the other side. Polar caps will have melted and the polar bears will be living in cities. Civilization will be gone, but that logo will continue to appear. Maybe long after it's significance has faded...we've all forgotten, but wow...that skull will survive, it will appear. When you least expect it...there you'll find it. We want you to look at it with that curiosity. Does that make sense?

It did, and we made our photograph together.


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