Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Are You Thankful For?

Well I'm just so thankful for so much right now.

The Bay Area is more beautiful then ever this fall and it feels so special one just has to take note. We've had access to such great artists over the past months lectures and shoots, and then super excited to take my kids to share the holidays with my girlfriend and her kids, who have begun to define family in a new way as well. Everyone has highs, everyone has lows, but the world never stops turning.

But that is life.

Back in the working world there is nothing I'm more thankful for than the absolute kick-ass issue of Smithsonian Magazine on the newsstands now. Alessandra Petlin, Brian Smale and myself got to dig into the 2013 American Ingenuity Awards recipients, dividing up the 9 profiles.

A blast to shoot over the month of August and September with tight collaboration with photo editors Molly Roberts, Jeff Campagna and Brendan McCabe, it was great to see the ideas start small and solidify into the real.

The support and production on the images was everything a photographer could want really. Fortunately I got to bring Shannon Amos in to create the Voices Of Witness set, as well as being a creative force on the Carolyn Winterer / Benjamin Franklin production.

Great art direction and page spreads...this issue is a keeper. I am thankful and proud as well.
From top to bottom: Carolyn Winterer, Voice Of Witness, Carolyn Winterer, Jeff Aitken, John Rogers.


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