Thursday, November 14, 2013

ASMP Professional Photographer Series #1

Do you want a white elephant for your shoot? I'll get you a white elephant for your shoot.
- J. Michael Tucker, ASMP President

Enthusiasm can really allow a person to make something out of nothing. ASMP did that and more with this truly kick ass event. Great time and super thankful to be involved in the ASMP Professional Photographer Series #1 at the historic 16th Street Station in Oakland. Photographers Robert Houser, Michael Copley and myself each presented a lecture and picture making demonstration.

Great support by practically every player in the business: DTC, Mark Gordon, Blackwell Files, Phase One and on and on and on...I am so sorry for those I missed from that list, because it just seemed that everyone was in the house. Long time collaborator Shannon Amos of Amos Styles worked with me here, handling props and wardrobe and more of that making something out of nothing stuff...and helpful assisting from Barbra Walker.

See my images from this day HERE.

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