Monday, October 28, 2013

Max Gerber: Time Capsule

Max Gerber photographed me with all the casualness one shares with the stranger they stop on the street and ask the time of. Polite and pleasant, you give him the time, you share the courtesy, and little do you know that you are captured in amber. This is the photograph for the time capsule. For your obit. For your moment in time.

Back in 2011 Max photographed me in a similarly impromptu manner. Life at that time was at a turning point- big decisions to make and act on, and I had the kind of clear eyed focus, thousand mile stare that comes when all you have is optimism and a plan, but no idea just how complex your task may truly be.

Years later, it all appears to me to be naïve innocent ignorance. That photo carries an intensity and a confidence that hides everything that was to follow! That guy thought he had a plan! What is that saying...make plans and God laughs...?

Here we are in 2013. I kind of like what I see. I think I like it better. Man, I’m worse for the wear. Time waits for no one…but I must admit I don't mind it at all. Max captured the thoughtful haze in my eyes this time which is more than accurate, as well as a sense of internal focus. Rumpled everything, late night the night before giving a lecture and socializing more than I ever do really. Social hangover withstanding, the photo does not lie.

And inside, beneath all of that and the five o’clock shadow I think I see a sense of peace. One that I never saw back in 2011...and for that I am thankful.


Photographs from top to bottom, copyright Max Gerber