Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marc Andreessen's Library

Harvard Business Review hired me to photograph Marc Andreessen. I knew him only as a cameo player in the early Silicon Valley history that crossed my consciousness.
...oh....yes...netscape....loudcloud...early internet something, internet player, midwest character, rich of course, young and rich early on...him right?
Of course I'm revealing my ignorance there. Andreessen was thoroughly engaging and his library is on full display to get you into his head while you are waiting. While digging up some backround on Andreessen, I came across this great quote from InfoWorld Magazine from 1995:
In the Web's first generation, Tim Berners-Lee launched the Uniform Resource Locator (URL),
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and HTML standards with prototype Unix-based servers and browsers. A few people noticed that the Web might be better than Gopher, which was an early internet search tool.
In the second generation, Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina developed NCSA Mosaic at the University of Illinois. Several million then suddenly noticed that the Web might be better than sex.
In the third generation, Andreessen and Bina left NCSA to found Netscape.
-Bob Metcalfe, InfoWorld, 8/21/95

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