Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Please Hand Over Your License


It is a very strange experience to run into something like this, above.

It's kind of my photograph, but a bit different, but is it really mine? Well, the guy is my guy, but it looks a little off...

Stylist Shannon Amos came across this image on Tumblr while researching Iditarod of all things. She sent it my way, I posted it to Facebook, and of course friends were talking all about the intellectual property theft / copyright violation. They got your back, of course! But the last thing I wanted was any lawyer anything really, and to me it looked like a rave flyer cooked up in some kids dorm room. And the Hebrew text wasn't helping me figure any of this out.

Joke was on me: while greedily doing a Google images search and at least looking at some lawyerly websites, I realized this was legit, licensed via Getty. Massive monopolies can be good for you!

The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Through The Window and Disappeared was written by Jonas Jonasson. Read the review, as I did, HERE.

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colin pantall said...

What does the text say?