Friday, March 22, 2013

Interview With Myself, 2013

Hey there. Great to see you.

TA: Yah...been a while, huh?

Yes, two years or so. You still pushing that E Coli thing? I think I saw you talking about it on the internet somewhere? That thing with your kid?

TA: It's called ECHOLILIA. Don't pretend you don't know the name of it. Please.

Fair enough. What are you working on now?

TA: Oh, well the new project is called : "Working For A Living". Also known as doing assignment work. I promote myself with assignment work, I get assignment work, I get paid, and ideally the cycle repeats. You are expecting more?

Well I thought your whole thing was you were the guy with the personal projects that brought you all this joy and fullfillment and...

TA: Oh, I am. And I was. But this is 2013. I want to be one of those photographers who makes their assignments as great as their personal work ...or they make it their greatest work. I want to be Andrew Hetherington in the editorial world or Erik Almas in the world of high end adwork. I want to get my joy from that. Can't I have that?

Well like they say, it's good work if you can get it. Good luck with that...might want to keep that day job.

TA: It is my day job.


photograph by shannon amos, 3/2013

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