Sunday, February 10, 2013

Storytelling / ESPN / The Damage Done

Storytelling at it's best by Patrick Hruby for ESPN's Outside The Lines series on the post NFL life of San Francisco 49'er George Visger. A gentle giant with a sense of humor, Visger met us on a sunny and cold Sunday at the clinic he was residing at in Sacramento. NFL related brain damage is the story, and really tales of anything related to life and brain chemistry always captured my imagination. Visger's story seemed to have something that I resonated with, and I did want to tell my own version of Visger's story here.

Note taking and documentation of every move, every thought, in an attempt to grab history and hang on to it was the glue that held together Visger's life. His wife also kept copious notes- notes on every challenge and unfortunate result of Visger's actions. It's like they were documenting the collateral damage from both sides, from both viewpoints.

Visger's story is powerful. Read it on HERE.

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