Sunday, February 24, 2013

Print Is So Not Dead Poem

Photography is dead?
Instagram killed it.
The apps, the filters, should I have said no?

Photojournalism, it's long been dead.
The haters crushed it years ago.

And Print?
Oh yeah, that's dead too.
Death's not fast.
No, this death is slow.

Sometimes it's nice to be wrong,
not right.
Nice spread in San Francisco Magazine this month.
We simply went in and set up our light.

A centerfold to tell the story
It's not wide.
Tall and long, it's Print in all it's glory. 

And Director of Photography
Illana Diamond
directs from below
a single Kino Flo.


Carrie said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing the setup shot.

bird. said...

Too funny. We shot Weiner right around this same time. Hope you're well, Tim!


Amanda Hibbert said...

Thanks for the poem!