Monday, December 3, 2012

The Fisher King / On Earth Magazine

Well, it's kind of a complicated story.

No quick elevator pitch. First we have Humboldt County in Norther California, and all that that stands for. Then we have the Hoopa Indian Reservation, we have crops of marijuana and we have this sneaky slinky character known as The Fisher. Add in the iconic Christian symbolism and cross-like telemetry equipment. At the center of it all is Mourad Gabriel, a wildlife biologist based in the area. His work is important and crosses over all of these elements...and back again.

Spent a great two days up in Arcata with Mourad and Mark Higley, the wildlife biologist of the Hoopa Tribe. Very generous with their time and knowledge as we waited and waited to catch The Fisher. And we caught one.

See the images in all their full color splendor HERE.

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