Friday, December 14, 2012

Mother Of All Cookbooks : Mindful and Intentional Eating by Lisa Mitchell

Cupcake made and eaten and photographed by Eli Archibald

Black Friday Redux:

One of the ways we are spreading the love this season is with the cookbook anthology Mindful and Intentional Eating by friend forever Lisa Mitchell, photography by Sarah Matozzi and Callie Mitchell. We got our hands on the book around Thanksgiving and Eli busted out recipes from it with no hesitation.
Below is Luscious Lemon Cupcakes with Rasberry Glaze - a super healthy, super food dessert that leaves you feeling good and not cracked out. And these recipes are easy. This is real food, good protein and still the kids love it.

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Photograph by Sarah Matozzi / from Mindful and Intentional Eating


Sarah Mattozzi said...

So yum! Hearing about Eli's success has given me the motivation to finally try making these. Sometimes it's hard to believe that the best things can be easy too, but that's just the magic of Lisa for making them that way. And thanks for the photo mention!

Timothy said...

It takes a village to make a cookbook! Thanks for your inspiring contributions...we all had stuff in it!