Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jack Dorsey / Forbes Magazine

I was in Donut Farm one rainy day last year with my kids. It came time to pay and the woman brings an Ipad over to us with a square insert sticking out of the top. Eli fixates on this thing and seems to take some mental notes. Later that day he's found the company "Square" on the web and has ordered a free product that allows any iPhone, iPad, iPod to now take credit cards. It arrived, he messed around with his bank account and now, simply as that, he recieved his allowance via Square. He subsequently discovered that Square and Twitter were created by a guy named Jack Dorsey.

Here I am at the Square cafeteria, making small talk with the p.r. director of Square who has arranged the shoot. Busy crazy week for her, but the pieces are coming together and for a moment she shares the kind of chunk of knowledge you are always looking for:

Jack really blends into the population here. He won't command attention when he walks into a room. You really wouldn't notice him at all unless someone points him out to you...he's just not that guy. But in a one-on-one, there is something in his eyes. If you can get that in your may have something.

Read the Forbes story about Jack Dorsey written by Eric Savitz HERE.


Anonymous said...

hello T.A., your old pal ANON here...
thanks for posting your Jack Dorsey cover, I really like it, you did nail those eyes... Man, he is just incredible, no? We, as photographers, are looking for the next "cool" assignment or checking out the newest zillion-pixel camera with that sweet glass, but this guy, and his cohorts, really are changing the way the world works... I dunno... just thinking...
keep going, T.A.,
A Fan

Timothy Archibald said...

Well thank you Anon. I didn't think anyone even read this blog anymore, amidst FB and Twitter and Instagram and everything.
Good points you make, but really I don't wanna change the way the world works. But I don't want the next zillion pixel camera either. But that really cool assignment, yes, where can I sign up for that?

Anonymous said...

Of course we are still reading your blog TA!