Monday, October 22, 2012

Haunted Air by Ossian Brown

For no real reason...maybe it was a birthday present, maybe it was a belated Xmas gift? My friend forever Lisa Mitchell found Haunted Air by Ossian Brown, tracked it down from England or somewhere far away, and it arrived in the mail not near Halloween at all. Right away I loved it.

How to describe it?  It's simply a collection of vernacular photographs of Halloween Americana between 1875 and 1955. David Lynch wrote the introduction and Geoff Cox the afterword, but really the words don't do justice to anything here...they just aren't necessary.

This is photography you can simply take in, enjoy, and not get distracted by the photographers' intentions or motivations. They simply are. They smell like Fall. And they really are beautiful.

Buy Haunted Air HERE.

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doug hoeschler photography said...

love creepy and raw!