Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Am So Very Sorry

My son Wilson Archibald photographed me using a new app by Lego called Lego Photo.

What more could one want?

Sources tell me many Guggenheim-hungry art stars are hacking into Lego Photo and getting their paperwork done...just in time.
Things move fast these days, sorry to say. I'm headed to Boston to continue a wonderful project I'm so thankful to have and be a part of. Before leaving town, of course I wanted to quiz you all on this forthcoming new history of photography.

Answers are below.
And of course, I am so sorry. I just couldn't resist.

From top:
Identicle Twins, Roselle, N.J.,1967 by Diane Arbus
TA, 2012 by Wilson Archibald
Moon and Half Dome, 1958 by Ansel Adams
Migrant Mother, 1936 by Dorthea Lange

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