Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snapshots From LOOK3 2012

LOOK3 went off, and as with most photo events it was heavily documented.

Rich stuff in a post modern way? I dunno about that, but snapshots are always fun.

From top to bottom:

Holly Schumaker Pentax K1000, Bruce Gilden Alley, I Am An Artist, Sandra Lee Phipps and student, Andrew Hetherington, Patricia Lay Dorsey, Sol Neelman, Donna Ferrato Detail, NGS Profoundly Human Exhibit, The White Spot, Matthew Rond at LUCEO, Max Hirshfeld, Bruce Gilden, The Future Of Photography from SCAD, Rose and Alex, Big Love, and Holly's tattoo of the original patent for the self timer.

Also great to party with Mr. and Mrs. John Loomis, Michael Wichita, Nicole Fruge, Jasmine DeFoore, A Bunch Of Drunk But Passionate Photojournalists At The LUCEO Party, Molly Roberts, Sarah Leen, Erin Brethauer, Jennifer Whitney, Robert Wright, and wow...just too many people to sorry if I missed ya!



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