Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines 2012

My two kids each made a Valentine for their Mom yesterday.
Wilson made the top one, Eli made the bottom one.
Art will tell you things about the creator, whether you want it to or not!


Artist Untied Agency said...

Those are both so rad! Wilson's color combos rock and Eli's has a Picasso feel to it which I love. The different shaped eyes and the heart shaped negative space nose is very clever.

The foil background makes me guess they've been made with Sculpey and will be permanent after a trip through the oven? What a great gift, I'm tempted to make a trip to the craft store and whip something up for my mom!


Timothy Archibald said...

I am so impressed you called out the Sculpey! It is that! We walked into the store and each kid picked out two colors...we headed home and they got to work!