Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Charlie Hess / POP

Many years ago I wrote a profile of Fred Woodward for Print. He said that in order to get good work you’ve got to give the artists a big safety net, so that they know they can take chances and if it doesn’t work out, they know you’ll still hire them again. That idea stuck with me. Take chances, go for it, or the work will always be expected and vanilla.- Charlie Hess of Chess Design

Photographers On Photography published a totally unexpected and inspiring interview with Charlie Hess of Chess Design in LA.
C.H. and I collaborated on one of my favorite shoots this year, and then he and JB Fitts came out with my favorite photo essay of the year. Reading the interview is what it is like to spend the day creating a photograph with him- true creative spirit flows thru this guy, and it's clear he enjoys every moment of the process. I was so glad POP was able to capture this all in the interview.

Read it HERE.

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