Thursday, December 22, 2011

Special Holiday Issues

The holiday is here.

It arrives like a brick thrown through my office window. Sometimes I duck. Sometimes it hits me in the head.

So much going on in the months ahead that I'm excited about: working on an audio spoken word piece for Daylight Books for the forthcoming book "The Photographs Not Taken", curated by Will Steacy. Then there is a photography/design neutron bomb being cooked up by Kate Osba at This Is The What. Of course we don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but we want to get you all curious.

Yes, print times. And sometimes better than ever.

Then still building the Stereoscopy Project, curious name and all, on my elegant new Tumblr space. Please join and follow it at or HERE.

Things may be quiet around the holidays...but ya never know...


Gerry Gomez said...

I think your new Tumblr space is so great.



Timothy Archibald said...

Thank you for checking it out. I hope I can keep it going and keep it interesting....
Glad you got Sex Machines...thank you for your contribution!