Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sex Machine Time Travel

Tom Griggs of Fototazo asked me to write an essay about an image last week and suggested this image from 2004 when I was so wrapped up in the project that became Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews. It really had been a long time since I thought about that world...and really I had to kind of think back, collect my thoughts and travel back to get into the mind set of that project.

In this internet hungry time, where there are so many photo blogs, so much of an internet community in our photographic world, this Sex Machine project suddenly has enjoyed a rebirth. A few months back Russian Esquire assembled a web gallery of the story that they originally and bravely published back in 2006. Then it got super busy when popular site Design You Trust published a big book excerpt in August, with words and images, that really delivered the vibe of the project. At first I didn't know how I felt about DYT laying it all out like that...but realized this project is meant to be shared, the wonderful book published by Process is meant to be celebrated, so yes...bring this to a new audience.

For me, I took the work off of my commercial site years ago. Images of giant phalli attached to hardware was not always awesome for the clients to see. The creatives...now they appreciated it...but the actual clients did not. So it was gone...never to return again, really. I just simply allowed the work to exist quietly elsewhere...and in the book...but not on my site. But of course, these things were easy to find.

Just in case anyone is now curious...here are some links the spell it all out:

Conscientious published the best interview ever on the book's reverberations on HERE.

Fototazo essay is HERE.

Dig in to it's excerpt on Design You Trust HERE.

Buy it HERE.

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