Friday, September 10, 2010

Specular Highlights

Specular Highlights, September 2010

As the blood flowed quickly from my kid's arm and started pooling on the cement, he called me over. Slowly and methodically he tells me that it didn't hurt and could I please go get his camera?
Mom's gone. Wilson's asleep. We just can be present, take care of the cut on our own, and really both enjoy this natural wonder: photographing the perfect circles of blood as the drop and flow from his arm and make patterns on the ground. The red is so red...we just take it in.
Hey...I'm gonna try to get you a band aid. Did you get your shot yet?

This is what I've always wanted. A community of photo and art literate friends and family who understand each other's values and concerns...and right now in this moment I have that with my kid. That story last week on the blog about the guy coming over and handing me a taxidermized goose...and us hustling up to shoot it? There was some sarcasm there, but the idea that my world is filled with this overflowing creativity is really never lost on me. I appreciate it everytime it shows it's teeth, everytime it bares it's claws. And I felt it today as the flash made specular highlights on the blood, their existence lost on no one.

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