Monday, September 27, 2010

Another World / Discover

Rebecca Horne is the Director of Photography at Discover Magazine, an artist, a mom. We met once out here in SF for a shoot we worked on together for Discover. We didn't really hit it off right away...lots to do and lots of people to meet on our shoot and now we have a slab of ice melting on our subject...yikes, we have a wind machine blowing over an elderly subject...oh....maybe this wasn't such a good idea? But in the wake of that shoot we got connected.

Rebecca had the inspired idea to excerpt ECHOLILIA in the current special issue of Discover titled The Brain...and for it she wrote this inspired essay on the project. Part research, part things she picked up by talking with me, and part just very perceptive intuition, the essay just solidly moved me when I read it. Here is a paragraph I just keep revisiting, it seems to hold so much:

Animal scientist Temple Grandin, who has spoken extensively about her autism, says that she thinks visually rather than in words. “Personal relationships made absolutely no sense to me until I developed visual symbols of doors and windows,” she writes in her book Thinking in Pictures; after an insight, she began to conceive of establishing relationships with people in terms of opening a door, and visualized her own social isolation as being behind glass. Similarly, Archibald and his son return again and again to doors and windows as they compose their photographs. Through these portals, we too can cross the threshold and imagine what life is like for those who are tuned differently.

Pick up Discover Magazine's The Brain issue for the elegant ECHOLILIA photo essay. See the work with Rebecca's essay on the Discover Magazine blog Visual Science HERE.

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