Friday, July 9, 2010

So What's Going On...?

Heaven In The Cellphone, Eli Archibald 2010

Wow....a week went by and the blog has been quiet...I haven't posted anything. What is going on?

My kid took the shot above, had to share that.
We are licking our wounds from the sting of a lost job...just gotta be honest.
Everyone is all about making a movie these days, and we things are coming together on that front a little bit this week...gotta do some ebay fund raising...gotta learn how to really do all of
this...but we have an idea.
Then wrapped up working for one of my favorite photographers Carrie Levy, who is editing now at WSJ...always nice to be back in touch.
And the best part has been spreading the love of ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I wonder. I had the chance to share it with a photo editor on Thursday who had this curious sentiment :
It has such a personal feel that I, at times, imagined this was not for me to be looking at. Like not wanting to intrude on a father and son playing a game of catch.
I'll just leave it at that.

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