Thursday, July 15, 2010

Point Reyes : Art Rogers

Had the good fortune to spend a few days in Point Reyes, California this past weekend working on a story. I'm always excited to discover a photographer who I'm not familiar with who is doing work that excites me. Tess Elliott of the Point Reyes Light turned me on to the work of local photographer Art Rogers and I've been kinda obsessed with it for the whole week.

At first glance, Rogers' bio on his website sounds a bit like a sales pitch from any family portrait photographer....he is shooting in a community and needs to meet the needs of his customers for sure. But one line in his bio so nailed what he seems to really be about:
These portraits transform yesterday and today into stories about generations. The result is a work of art that celebrates change and preserves the passage of time.

Looking at his work, its clear that line is not an exaggeration. This respect for time and how it alters things is woven throughout the work. Keep in mind he is a local portrait photographer...but then there is something much much more. See his work HERE.

photographs copyright Art Rogers.

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