Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tonight, October 8th 2009

notes to myself, 10/09

Ok....come on over to the Apple Store at One Stockton in SF tonight at 7:00!
Lots of good people and special guests in the audience...the hip factor is going to be off the chain, the collective i.q. of the room is gonna be unmeasurable. Oh....don't get too excited...its only an hour.
Then people hanging at this bar called Johnny Foley's Irish Pub, 243 O'Farrell St, walking distance from the lecture. I'll be there for a bit but then you all can party without me.


John Loomis said...

Wish I could be there... I know you're going to give a great presentation. Best, -jdl

kate Chase said...

hey, truly sorry i missed it. will look forward to the reports coming in tomorrow....