Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peter Duesberg for Newsweek

I've photographed Peter Duesberg twice over the past decade and every time it is an empowering experience. Now 72, he is the subject of the story The World's Most Reviled Genius in this week's Newsweek Magazine. I was comforted to see the word genius thrown in there...his spirit and intellect is so apparent whenever you spend time with him. He is physically striking and stylish always: yellow pants, green shirt and white hair. And there is no question to me he knows exactly what he is doing and his place in science is absolutely his choosing. We all need someone to be counter intuitive...we need someone to question us, don't we?
The spread of the story with this very curious hexagon treatment that puzzled the p.e. and myself is below... and read the story HERE.


chris hartlove said...

Terrific portrait. Great light.

Timothy Archibald said...

Thanks Chris. What are you up to out there?

Robert Holmgren said...

High profile universities receive substantial amounts of money from various governmental agencies. From Peter I learned how government funding of science produces science the government approves of. Peter's version of the science of virology was at odds with those of his governmental funders. As a result his lab received no funding and he was unable to attract the necessary grad students. This should concern advocates for the freedom of inquiry.

Did he buy you a donut?

Anonymous said...

gorgeous shot.