Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Vertical Journey

Robots Are Real / Smithsonian:

Four of my favorite photographs from the recent story for Molly Roberts at Smithsonian Magazine. The story was all shot at the Machine Perception Laboratory at UCSD in San Diego, CA.

We had lots of day light balanced Kino Flo's out there with us, but the fav shots were all lit by Mother Nature.


max said...

hell. yeah. so. awesome. nice job, tim!

Anonymous said...

These photos exude a creamy pastel world that suggests the words 'friendly' and 'benign'. So too white people, whether real or simulated, are seen in clinically passive ways. We are meant to view this as a lollipop world of happy science. Maybe that is indeed the case--although I wouldn't trust photography as evidence. Just my perception.

Timothy Archibald said...

Come on....robots are kewl! What are you talking about? Tell more.

Anonymous said...

Are they cool (kewl) because of the non-functional face? Perhaps we could paint a face on this. If I were to paint anything relating to robotic devices it just might be this.