Thursday, October 11, 2007


After spending last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Richmond, Virginia playing Foosball, drinking Appletinis, and eating at BANK, I thought it was serendipity when BRICK WEEKLY from Richmond called to see if they could use an image of mine on the cover. Nothing like seeing your images on newsprint, scattered on the floor of bars and cafes and being used as place mats for people eating subs and chicken wings. I stoically embrace it.


max s. gerber said...

hey, that's great tim! reminds you of the old days in pheonix, huh? where the hell is gilstrap when we need him?

i remember once sitting at the counter of a diner across from someone reading an LA weekly article/photo essay that actually had a picture OF me in it, staring right at him, him staring back and there being no recognition whatsoever. it's really great to see how much attention people pay to all our hard work. then again, the pancakes were good.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hey Max-

Oh, don't mis-understand me. I didn't mean that in a cynical, "don't get no respect" type of way. Seeing photographs as part of the litter and trash of our lives, as part of the vernacular, as well as something precious in a gallery is what I dig about photography. It is very, oh...democratic. Everyone can understand it and everyone can do it.