Sunday, October 7, 2007

Autumn / October 7th 2007

Also...tonite at 8:00 pm at Arse Elektronika is my lecture How Small Town Inventors Are Changing America , with words and visuals from the book "Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews". Arse Elektronika is a meeting of the minds from around the world, steered by monochrom, funded by Department of Art Funding / City of Vienna, Austria.

WTF???!? I have no answers...just come by and see what it is all about. The array of speakers is staggering. The location is the legendary 415 Jessie Street, SF, CA 94103.

Above, two pictures on the theme of Autumn, found at Rollerdome in Richmond, Virginia the other day.


Herdingcats said...

I thought the leaves were hanging from a classroom ceiling. They bring back lots of memories.

Nice soap. Nice three-way on beach with cameras.

Keep up the great blog.

Timothy Archibald said...

For sure, they look like school decorations or like the things I'm shooting that my kid is making....but they are not.
Then tonite at this Vienna thing, I met a couple whose names were "Autumn" and "Fox". Isn't that cool?