Thursday, February 26, 2015

PPGBA Lecture / Special Guest Star

The Best Western Grosvernor rises from a functional neighborhood on the outskirts of the San Francisco Airport like a hotel from another era, another culture. Shades of a bunker that could sustain a hit from a SCUD missile, suffering only blown out windows and keeping it's residents safe. Eli and I approach the space with curious anticipation. I was here to deliver my lecture, he was along for the ride, ideally hoping to also get to drink a Coke.

To say this event was sparsely attended would be generous at best. As always, the show must go on. Great to meet everyone involved in the PPGBA: Paolo Salcido, Julie Olson, Joseph Valenzuela ran the show. Super excited to meet long time inspirator photographer Mark Tucker from Nashville and new pals Icarian Photography from Berkeley.

As often happens at any speaking engagement, I'm always thankful- I learn more from the audience than I'm sure they learn from me. Peace.

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