Friday, October 17, 2014

$24 / A Book & A Print / HOME

Twenty four dollars.

The original version of HOME, published by Straylight Press is only $24.00.

What is this book all about? 

The publisher introduces it as so :

What is home? What can it mean? How do you show it?
Home can mean stability, comfort and sanctuary. Home can also be a stage where drama is played out.

HOME, by Timothy Archibald, begins with a rainbow. In the pages that follow we see his children dig a hole, appear and disappear, fall down and rise up.
Photographed during the dissolution of his marriage, HOME looks at presence and absence; it considers what is constant and how things change. It shows us that home, after all, is not really a place but a feeling.

A melancholy meditation in a minor key, HOME asks more questions than it answers.


And that really lays it all out there. 
And every print includes, signed and numbered, this very curious print. 



Buy HOME published by Straylight Press HERE.

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Kate Wilhelm said...

This is perhaps an odd response, but I'm sorry to hear about your marriage. Congrats on the book, though!