Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art Producers Speak

But the point I’m trying to make here is don’t stop listening to life. Don’t feel you’ve heard it all before, you’re bored and jaded, there is nothing new and you can’t get out of a pattern. When I was younger I feel like I needed my work to shout and be extreme, to find things people have never seen before. Now I feel there is a lot to come from simply listening and seeing the wonder that sometimes comes out of what is right in front of you.
- Art Producers Speak : TA on A Photo Editor

I was knocked down hard and fast by some soul sucking illness on Wednesday. I had the liberty of sleeping all day and awoke to this very cool internet manifestation: An interview with myself, done ages ago, now release on A Photo Editor. An insightful edit of my commercial work, as well as an interview that certainly sounded like me. A greatly appreciated snapshot into what we are up to here in 2014.

Dig into it HERE.


Claire said...

I had been introduced to your work by a FB link from my sister on the Echolilia project. The picture of the overweight lady holding her young son punched me in the gut like none have in a long time. Amazing photograph. Thanks for taking it.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi there Claire-
Sorry it took me forever to respond...I love that photo too...the all powerful and loving earth mother. But I think it was given to me, really. It never felt like anything I had a hand in at all. I just left the shoot and said " wow...thanks..."