Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keith Cotton Comes To Town

Photographer Keith Cotton comes to San Francisco, and of course we try to get together. The fact that we have never met doesn't damper our curiosity.

Saturday evening we have a shoot set up, a project my intern Barbra Walker and I have been working on, finally coming to life.

Keith and his wife Emily arrive, we say hello, and the sun is setting...we need to make our photograph. I never saw Keith move a muscle...never knew he really had a camera on him. The next day these images from Keith arrive: epic and biblical, with hints of painter Mark Tansey and photographer Gregory Crewdson. We are waist high in the flood, the waters are rising, but the show must go on.

I only hope our image can match these stills.


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uNKLe KeeF said...

Whoa TA. Just now catching up from our trip and noticed THIS. How incredibly thoughtful of you to take the time to post to your blog. I'm still insanely high from the serendipitous sequence of events, dating back to CA Photo Annual 52 with Elijah's face hidden in a red funnel to spotting you from across the mini-lake dancing around in search of lavatory relief. It's pretty friggin' cool when the universe lines stuff up, heh? I feel lucky.