Thursday, July 18, 2013

Commercial Photography Week, V3 : The BFF Story


Busy week we are in the middle of, what with Flickr busting out with 'Roid Week 2013 and Andrew Hetherington delivering the goods all the way from Scotland for Golf Week in the infamous What's The Jackanory blog.

Behind the scenes on the Family Circle project, code name "BFF" we had the pleasure of putting together last month for the forthcoming issue. 
Mother / Daughter talent family Veolsa and Adriana from Je Talent and stylist skills a plenty courtesy of Kala Ketchum of Artist Services.

Curiously, the end result of this shoot looks nothing like my work has ever looked like before...or maybe it's an extension of it? Exciting to conceive of and even more mind blowing when it actually works out, this shoot took me out of my comfort zone.

And in the end that was a great place to be.


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