Sunday, April 14, 2013

Snapshots From Baton Rouge

The one constant that sticks with me whenever I do events such as this comes down to one point: these Moms and Dad's in the autistic stream pull no punches. The embrace it and are humbled by it and stand back in awe of it. The "it" being their lives, their kids, and all that this spectrum has brought to it. And they can tell you all about it like no one before.

Hosted by the Junior League of Baton Rouge and part of the Baton Rouge Autism Speaker Series, we spent this past weekend eating crawfish in the backyard, drinking Abita, solving the issues of parenting once and for all, and celebrating ECHOLILIA with the most elegant presentation of the work to date.

If you want to get a feel for these folks and our shared values, Audrey Wascome's blog Mischief And Shenanigans : Lifestyles of the Insane and Delusional is a place to start. Dig'll just want more.

More to tell in the days ahead, but some snapshots from the trip here for now, with more data to follow.

Every day ended with me alone in my room, thanking the creative creator, whomever he or she is, for allowing this work to open me up to such special people. Each and every time, none of this is lost on me.


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